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By replacing the king pin of the standard skateboard truck with the rolling cam Other Planet has created a truck with both exceptional stability and turnability. By eliminating this major weakness of current designs Other Planet has eliminated the need for flexible decks.

Flexible or springy decks are often used with king pin trucks in an attempt to provide added stability without limiting turnability. The idea is to use a steeper king pin (smaller angle) truck to reduce the turnability of the truck making it seem more stable when going straight. By combining this with a deck that bows under the force of the turn, the truck tilts out as the deck bows effectively increasing the king pin angle. This makes it more turnable.

Unfortunately, this deck flexibility also adds a tremendous amount of instability to the board. It also makes it much more difficult to tune the board for your riding style and daily conditions.

The inherent stability of Other Planet’s Revolution truck allows us to employ rigid decks. The trucks are stable and turnable as is and do not require help from the deck to work. Not only does this enable us to utilize the decades of maple veneer and glue laminate technology developed for the short street decks to make the strongest and lightest decks possible, it also allows us to tune longboards for the specific type of riding desired.

Much like a race car with a rigid frame that can be set up for the drag strip, road course or oval track by tuning the suspension our longboards can be optimized for different types of skating. By altering the angle of the hanger relative to the road surface the turning characteristics can be changed. We do this in two ways: offering baseplates with two different angles and adding an angle on the end of our custom decks.

After hundreds of hours of testing we have selected four configurations that we feel best address the needs for downhill, freeride, cruise/commute and slalom riding. Use one of these or try your own setups and tell us about your experience.