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Other Planet Skate has dedicated many hours of testing to develop the best deck design to optimize the performance of our Revolution trucks. The extreme turnability possible with our trucks required a 3-D bowl shape configured for maximum grip in high g-force turns while also providing comfort at low speeds.

Flex is often desired in a deck used with king pin trucks to facilitate turning by actively changing king pin angle in the turn. With king pin trucks this allows for smaller pin angles for stability when going straight. In a turn the deck flexes increasing the pin angle increasing turnability. However, this flexibility also adds to the instability of the ride. The Other Planet Revolution truck provides stability and turnability independently and does not need or want deck flex.

Our custom decks are manufactured from 9-plys of American grown hard maple veneer (Acer Saccharum), the preferred species for skateboards because of its hardness and resistance to shock among other reasons. They are manufactured for Other Planet by Churchill Manufacturing in southern California. Churchill is a leading US deck manufacturer known for producing the very best quality maple decks using their proprietary Vario™ glues, resins and processes.

The decks are designed to be rigid and provide an optimized strength to weight ratio. By eliminating flex and making the decks rigid we are able to optimize longboard setups for the type of performance desired. Just as a race car requires a rigid frame so that the tires and suspension can be tuned for track condition, a rigid deck allows wheel selection for consistent and predictable performance for the pavement type, condition and temperature of your ride session. (Pick up an optional hanger for making 30 second wheel changes.)

Our standard deck has a 5° up angle on the front and is flat on the rear. With this deck design your completed board can be configured for different types of riding (Downhill, freeride, etc.) by selecting different combinations of 17° and 22° truck baseplates. We also offer a symmetrical deck with a 5° up angle on the front and the rear.

The wheelbase, the distance between the front and rear axle, of a skateboard helps determine the turning radius of your complete board. The shorter the wheel base the tighter the board will turn. Longer wheelbases do not turn as sharp as shorter ones but add stability. Currently our decks are currently offered in 31” standard and 33” long wheelbase lengths and are available with or without a kick tail. In the future, we plan on offering a Grande with a 35” wheelbase without a kick tail for downhill racers, and a 29” shorty. Remember that these lengths are wheel bases. Add about 4” to get total board length. A kick tail adds an additional 3”.

Decks are supplied without grip tape so that you can customize your longboard.

Other Planet has partnered with Daniel from Dunkees to create our custom deck artwork. Daniel has been creating outstanding original deck designs for years. To see more of Daniel’s work, visit