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Revolution Hanger

  • $ 2500

  • 2 x Spacers
  • 2 x 3/8"-24 Low Profile Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
  • 8 x 10mm Bearings


The last thing you want is for your axle to bend or break while bombing down a hill on your longboard. That’s why Other Planet precision machines each beefy axle from ½” diameter 4140 chrome-moly alloy steel. Each axle is then quenched and tempered to Rc-32 hardness and finally zinc plated. The ends are “turned down” to accommodate 10mm standard skateboard bearings. Use the included 10mm bearings for greater strength and durability. The axles are threaded for standard 10mm standard axle lock nuts.

To complete the hanger the axle is then precision insert molded in DuPont Zytel® 8018 which is a toughened, general purpose DuPont “super-tough technology” Nylon-66 thermoplastic reinforced with 14% short glass fibers. This gives it outstanding impact resistance, stiffness, and dimensional stability. Zytel® is the DuPont trademark for many different nylon resins which, since their invention by DuPont over 50 years ago, have been the most widely used of all engineering plastics. They are tough, withstand repeated impact, and are highly resistant to abrasion.

The 8mm and 10mm axle hangers are completely interchangeable and will fit in any base plate with standard hardware. With only a 1/8” hex wrench the hanger (with wheels attached) can be changed in less than 30 seconds!

Individual Hangers include Axle Nuts, Spacers and standard Bearings.

If building trucks from separate Hager and Baseplates, you will need the Truck Hardware Kit. 

  • Precision CNC machined from ½” diameter 4140 chrome-moly alloy steel
  • Quenched and tempered to Rc-32 hardness. (Stronger than Grade-8 bolts)
  • Available for both 8mm and 10mm bearings
  • 185mm axle width (inside bearing face to inside bearing face)
  • Machined step so that speed rings (washers) are not required
  • Zinc plated for anti-corrosion and rust protection
  • Standard nylon insert axle nuts works with your skate tool
  • Precision injection molded glass filled ballistic nylon axle hangar
  • Extreme strength, durability and impact resistance
  • Axle width 185mm (measured from inside bearing face to inside bearing face)
  • Standard hanger is black, optional other colors available in limited quantities
  • Made in USA

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