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The Revolution from Other Planet Skate is the first non-king pin truck to pass the International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA) technical inspection (June 2010, at the Maryhill Festival of Speed).

Until now, all skateboard trucks used some variation of the king pin design which was originally patented over a century ago. King pin trucks require a tradeoff between stability and turn-ability (think bushings). This weakness is integral to this 19th century design.

Other Planet eliminated the king pin by allowing the deck mounted cam to roll along the hanger to create a skate truck that is naturally stable at high speeds while also having extreme turn-ability. By unpinning the hanger the Revolution gives a completely stable ride without requiring bushings.

While the Revolution does not have a king pin, the hanger is held in the baseplate at an angle so that the axle rotates, causing the board to turn, when the deck is tipped. The higher the hanger angle the more “turny” the truck. While similar to a king pin angle the numbers are not interchangeable due to the completely different design of the trucks.

Join the Revolution today and experience Out of this World Longboarding.

  • 185mm axle width
  • Available in 17° attack angle
  • Super low ride height (more than ½” lower than drop through setups)
  • 4140 chrome-moly steel alloy zinc coated axle
  • Available for both 8mm and 10mm bearings
  • Precision machined 6005A aluminum alloy extruded base plate
  • Injection-molded glass filled nylon axle hangar
  • Change wheels in less than 60 seconds with only a 1/8” hex tool (with optional additional hanger)
  • Neoprene rubber parabolic cam
  • Precision built for strength and reliability in USA


Ever had a great skate session interrupted by changing road temperatures or conditions? Ever want to hit the steeps for some drifting and find that your board is mounted with your push (high grip) wheels? Not a problem with the Revolution truck.

The design on the Revolution truck is elegantly simple. Pop off the O-ring and using only a 1/8” hex (Allen) wrench the center bolt can be removed, the hanger (with wheels attached) can be swapped and the bolt and O-ring replaced in less than 30 second.

Pre-mount extra hangers (8mm or 10mm) with your different wheels and swap them out in seconds. High durometers for high road temperatures, low for cold. High rebound “grippy” wheels for cruising and commuting, center set drifters for a day of freeriding.