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In order to make the best possible wheel, Atobe considers several factors. The first factor is the raw urethane used in the wheel. Urethane is expensive and a large longboard wheel uses a ton of material. Many brands use a step down grade to save a buck, but there is only one supplier in the world that makes the absolute best raw urethane, DUPONT! It’s expensive; it’s the best and it is used in every Atobe wheel.

The next important factor is the blend. This is where you create your rebound and durometer. Rebound is the most important trait in a skateboard wheel. The more rebound, the faster the wheel goes and the more energy it will carry. Atobe’s proprietary blends maximize these properties.

A wheel is only as good as the mold tooling used to make it. Molding a longboard wheel is very critical. Short board wheels get cut on lathes. All sides get cut so the mold is not as critical. On a longboard wheel, the wheel comes out with a finished face so the molds must be perfect. Atobe uses aluminum CNC machined molds with super high tolerances and hardened pin seats to get a perfect wheel. All wheels coming out of China are made with a very low grade Urethane and all that we have seen use epoxy or cast urethane molds with sloppy tolerances. This means that most, if not all the imported wheels are out-of-round, wobbly and very dead. They carry little energy. Do not ride them unless you are 2 years old and don’t care about performance or quality.

The final ingredient is “post curing”. Urethane needs to be heated after it is poured and then cooled in a precise manner to reach its peak performance characteristics. At Atobe timed infra-red ovens and conveyors are used on the production line. This is a factor that many wheel producers over look. It takes time to cure a wheel and time is money. Imported wheels are not cured properly and are very inconsistent. Your four wheels may not all be the same durometer or density. Right now, the best wheels in the world are coming out of two factories in the southern California. Wheels made in the USA are the only wheels to buy.

Atobe Premium wheels were originally designed for Long Distance Push (LDP) skaters. Their big wide profile and perfect compounds and formulas are ideal for Long Distance Skaters and Pushers around the World. The Bonneville’s are designed to go further, faster and carry more energy! With an extremely high rebound rate and super precision manufacturing, the Atobe Bonnevilles and Wigglers are the best LDP wheels you can put on your board.

Made in USA


Abec 11 was born out of a desire to develop high performance products for skateboarders. By using state-of-the-art technology and high quality urethane, Abec 11 is able to deliver superior products at a reasonable cost for skaters.”

Chris Chaput – President, Abec 11

Made in USA