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Much like a race car with a rigid frame that can be set up for the drag strip, road course or oval track by tuning the suspension our longboards with the Revolution truck can be optimized for different types of skating. By altering the angle of the hanger relative to the road surface the turning characteristics can be changed. We do this in two ways: offering baseplates with two different angles and adding an angle on the end of our custom decks.

The wheel base of the deck also has a small but noticeable effect on turning radius. Doubling the hanger angle nearly reduces turning radius in half while switching to a shorter deck from a long one will only decrease it by about 15% or a couple of feet. Note that a turning radius of less than 8 feet is needed to stay on a 3 foot wide sidewalk around a corner.

Note that ¼” long spacers can be used to add or subtract 5° of hanger angle. Use them to lift the inside of a truck to add 5° or on the outside screws to reduce hanger angle by 5°.

When designing a custom setup we recommend that, in unsymmetrical designs, the end with more turn (higher hanger angle) is located in front. More turn in the rear can be unstable and is not recommended.

Recommended Setups

This chart shows the deck and truck baseplate combinations that we use on our complete longboards and recommend for your own setups

Turning Radius Data

Data on the effect of hanger angle and wheel base on turning radius is shown


Hanger angle makes a significant difference in turning radius
Doubling the angle nearly reduces the turning radius in half

Deck wheelbase has small but noticeable difference on turning radius
Changing from a long deck to a short one will reduce turning radius about 15% or a couple of feet

A turning radius of less that 8' is needed say on a 3' sidewalk around a corner.

More Turning Radius Information: