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Wheel Bite and Deck Drag

Wheel bite occurs when the deck touches the wheel as it tips during a turn causing a sudden stop or slowing. This is like poking a stick in your bicycle wheel spokes while you are riding and can be very dangerous. Wheel bite occurs when the width of the deck is too wide over the trucks and wheels for your setup. The three factors to watch are your axle width, wheel diameter and the amount of deck tip possible. Our basic rule of thumb with Other Planet’s Revolution™ trucks is to not exceed 4” of deck width over the inside truck mounting holes (holes toward the middle of the deck).

Deck drag occurs when the side of your deck scrapes on the pavement in a turn. This can cause you to lose your grip on the pavement or even suddenly slow or stop or board. Deck drag is usually a result of using too small a diameter wheels on a drop deck. Due to the extreme deck tip possible with Other Planet’s Revolution™ trucks we recommend limiting deck drop to about one half of an inch if using most standard longboard wheels. Larger deck drops are possible when using larger wheels or riser pads between the truck base plate and the bottom of the deck.

Every new setup, including a change in wheel size, should be tested for both wheel bite and deck drag before hitting the pavement.

Churchill Deck Manufacturing Video

Below is an old video that shows how Churchill Manufacturing makes short decks. While the processes and equipment have been updated since this video was made and modified for longboards it is a good review of the basics of how our decks are made.