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Revolution Cam Kit

Revolution Cam Kit

  • $ 1500

Revolution cam kit includes:
  • 2 x Revolution Cams
  • 1 x Other Planet Rectangular Metal Can


The shape of the Rolling Cam affects the characteristics of the longboard trucks significantly and Other Planet has put thousands of hours of riding into getting our cam shape just right. A rider’s center of gravity rests on the wide, flat cam surface which provides a very stable ride when not turning. When a turn is initiated, the contact point between the cam and axle rolls smoothly away from the center and allows the deck to lean. Since the heavy-duty baseplate holds the cam and axle hanger at an angle the skateboard turns. Relaxing the turning force will allow the deck to fall back to center like a surfboard or snowboard.

  • Cam contact on the axle hanger allows for the lowest possible deck heights
  • Compressible rubber cam makes it easy to “foot-steer” and micro-turn
  • Predictable turning at high speed
  • Rides like your surfboard or snowboard (No need to push out of your turn as with king pin designs)
  • Extreme durability
  • Made in USA

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